Darkness Forever – Update#4: Graphics, colors, animations and more!

Been messing around with colors over the past few days, been a lot of back and forth, but think I nailed it 🙂 Also adjusted the stats system so it scales correctly, well at least for AP, SP and almost VIT. I’m thinking of removing Speed with something else like Healing power or something, and instead use Speed for some sort of a Powerup as it scales soooo slow throughout the game.

– Stats system! AttackPower(AP), SpellPower(SP), Crit(CRT), Vitality(VIT) and Speed(SPD) Speed may be replaced with something else.)
– Enemy 1 & 2 now have names!: Zhul Rager & Zhul Spitter
– Added and adjusted animation on: Playerchar, EyeDefense, ZhulSpitterBullet, PlayerPosition
– Greatly adjusted colors on almost everything
– Redesigned Option & Stats button
– Added a new background
– Added damage text display above enemies
– “Shadowbolt” now properly works with curse stacking
And more!


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